What to Wear When Camping in the BWCA

What to Wear When Camping in the BWCA

Here in MN, we frequently use the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Good clothing can help you be prepared for anything nature throws at you - which is especially important while miles from anywhere. Aside from key camping items like a tent, sleeping bag, and items for leaving no trace; good clothing can be the difference between a great camping trip and reconsidering that nice new gear you bought. 

Here’s some things to consider for your next trip!

Versatility & Breathability

Breathable, versatile layers are the key to camping in any weather. Bring clothing that can be used for any kind of weather.  Multi purpose clothing can keep you comfortable any time of the year.

Woman starting campfire wearing Wintergreen Boundary Waters Hooded Windshirt

Plan For the Weather

If the forecast reports any possibility of rain - plan for it. 

Bring a lightweight wind/weatherproof layer to keep yourself protected from weather while staying cool. Bonus points if it’s dense enough to combat bugs, like Wintergreen’s Boundary Waters Hooded Windshirt

Hot temps on the schedule? Pick up some quick-drying shorts - perfect for jumping in the lake!

Protect Yourself

Bugs can be thick in northern MN woods - the biggest nuisances being mosquitoes & wood ticks.

Protect yourself from ticks with bugproof pants that can tighten against your skin. Durable pants are also great for protecting from brush & burrs on hikes. 

Woman wearing Boundary waters shell pants in the BWCA MN woods

Stay Warm Out There

On colder days or nights, you'll need an insulating layer. Check the lows & pack multiple warmth layers if you think you’ll need to adjust between afternoon & night temp drops. Add some fleece pants and you’ll be ready to spend time lounging under the stars!

camping tent merino wool hoodie wintergreen northern wear

Consider Your Footwear

Your feet are important too!

Comfortable shoes are essential for walking if you’re planning to go hiking to the campsite. Feet do not like being wet, so bring more than one pair of socks - especially if you’re out for multiple nights or planning to be anywhere near water.

adjusting wintergreen boundary waters shell pants around shoesWhether you’re pitching your tent in the BWCA or close to home, good clothing & planning ahead are the keys to any successful trip.

We’ll see you out there!

Have any other clothing tips for camping? Leave a comment!


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