About Our Fur Hood Ruffs

Fur has been used for centuries by the Inuit and explorers to keep warm. However, fur ruffs on the entrance of a hood keep you warm in another way - by surrounding your face in an air pocket to protect you from the wind and outside air.

Our coyote fur ruffs are obtained only from Inuit families who harvest them as a sustainable resource in Alberta, Canada.

Our ruffs measure approximately 30” long and are about 2” wide. We usually have a variety of grey and brown shades, textures and color variations. Our sewing technicians will match your Anorak to the ruff they think best complements it.

The ruffs are attached to your Anorak via a zipper for easy removal. Please remove ruff before washing the Anorak.

We currently offer both faux fur and coyote ruffs. Our synthetic ruffs are a natural brown coloring.

Garments available for ruff additions:

  • Expedition Shell Anorak Full or Partial Zip
  • Combo Anorak
  • Northwind Coat

Ruff FAQ


Shop ruffs from the links below or find them on Shell Anorak, Combo Anorak, or the Northwind Coat pages. Add a ruff with your garment of choice and we'll add it before shipping!

We can add a coyote fur ruff to an existing Wintergreen anorak. We can only attach our ruffs to Wintergreen-Made garments.
Due to changes over time with the ruff attaching process, we will need to see older garments to assess attaching a zipper. Please contact us for more information.

Care Instructions

  • Don’t store in plastic.
  • Beware of moths.
  • Condition fur every other year.
  • Clean fur every few months.
  • Keep out of hot and dry places. Some fur storage locations keep their settings at 50º F, with 50% humidity.
  • Repair damages as soon as they are noticed.
  • Fur brushes, fingers, or a wide tooth comb are recommended for gently combing the fur.
  • Keep away from animals.
  1. Shake off as much dirt as you can. Brush off the rest.
  2. Gently wipe with soap and water on a damp white rag.
  3. Hang and let air dry.

It's recommended that conditioning should be done yearly or whenever the hide begins to feel stiff.

To make Conditioning oil: Mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts olive oil or Flaxseed oil.

  1. Dab oil onto fur hide with a clean white cloth.
  2. Gently rub oil into hide.
  3. Hang and allow oil to soak in. It may take a few days.