Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors embody the adventurous spirit that spurred the birth of Wintergreen. We depend on them to test our gear in tough conditions, from skiing to the North Pole, ultra marathons, photo shoots in Greenland, climbing mountains in Alaska, and cross-country canoe expeditions. They are the best of the best in their field and offer us honest feedback and suggestions on how to design (or redesign) our gear to match their adventures. They rely on durable, outdoor gear to accomplish their jobs. We rely on hardy honest adventurers to accomplish ours.

Trail Runner/Ultra-Marathoner

Alex Elizabeth

Alex is a Minneapolis-based trail runner who has completed ultramarathons ranging from 50K to 200 miles. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, she would rush home from school every day to run up the steep bluffs and scramble down into the deep valleys surrounding her home, each time discovering something new.

Climber/ Artist

Bevie LaBrie

Bevie lived for many years in Minnesota and currently lives in Washington State. With more than 20 years facilitating experiences with people of all ages, she has worked as a youth worker, wilderness therapy instructor, art and outdoor educator, cross-cultural worker, independent artist and...

Dogsled Mushers/Racers

Blake and Jennifer Freking

Blake and Jennifer are devoted to the future of the working Siberian Husky and focused on the health and well being of their dogs. They both began working with Siberian Huskies about 20 years ago and joined forces in 2000 with the goal of establishing a strong line of Siberian Huskies and raising and training their dogs in the best way possible. They built their log home...

Dog Musher/Adventure Guide

Brent Sass

Brent is a dog musher and an adventure guide. He is born and raised in Minnesota, but moved to Alaska and made it his home 24 years ago. After falling in love with the trails of Eureka, AK, Brent took over a homestead established in the 70s and has now lived there with his family, his dogs...

Climber/Explorer/NOLS instructor

Bria Schurke

Born and raised on a lake in the Northwoods of Minnesota with a pack of burly sled dogs, Bria Schurke spent her childhood exploring her backyard, the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area. Bria loves working Alaska mountaineering and Wyoming climbing courses for NOLS. She is known for teaching handstand and acro yoga courses in the field, getting stuck in a student's backpack during a failed birthday surprise...


Carl Skustad

Growing up skiing and biking the farm hills of Southern MN, Carl had the passion to explore and seek adventure at an early age.  After graduating with a degree in Urban and Recreational Forestry from the University of WI, Stevens Point he moved to Alaska to start a career with the US Forest Service.  Working as a boat captain, recreation planner, avalanche forecaster on...


Dave and Amy Freeman

Since 2001 Dave and Amy Freeman have traveled over 30,000 miles by kayak, canoe and dogsled through some of the world’s wildest places, from the Amazon to the Arctic. National Geographic named Dave and Amy Adventurers of the Year in 2014 and their images, videos, and articles been...

Winter Adventurer & Thru-hiker

Emily Ford

Emily Ford is a winter adventurer and thru-hiker based in Duluth, Minnesota. She has completed many thru-hikes in the midwest including...

Arctic Explorer/Mountaineer

Lonnie Dupre

During a Polar, Arctic and Mountaineering career spanning 27 years, Lonnie Dupre has traveled over 15,000 miles throughout the high arctic and polar regions by dog team, ski and kayak.

Dupre was awarded the Soviet Sportsman Medal for Arctic exploration in 1989 and...


Peter Schurke

Peter Schurke, son of Wintergreen owners Susan and Paul Schurke, has been exploring since an early age. Currently the Captain aboard the Arctica II, leading polar trips around...