It's coming up to the holidays! Not sure your order will arrive in time? Wintergreen's got you covered with our Gift Box Envelopes - convenient small packages that are easy to assemble and perfect for your special person to unwrap on the day of your celebrations! Available at no extra cost*!

Each envelope includes:


  • One Stamped Pillow Box


  • One Wintergreen Sticker


  • One Blank Product Card

    How to Assemble:

    1. Upon receiving the envelope, remove all three pieces. 

    2. Write the name of the gifted product on the card included.

    3. Squeeze along long sides and fold flaps in to assemble box. Indented ends go in first!

    4. Place card & Wintergreen sticker inside the box and wrap!

    Have an open order and want to receive on of these? Please use the button below and fill out the form to sign up!

    We'll be sending these Gift Envelopes out on Dec 10th to ensure they arrive on time. Customers with open orders will automatically receive an email about these gift boxes on December 2nd. Please be sure you've contacted us about receiving a Gift Envelope before Dec 10th! 

     *Must have open order placed with Wintergreen to receive gift box. Any requests made without a valid customer email will be rejected.