Preparing for Winter - Letter from the President

Preparing for Winter - Letter from the President

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It’s funny how my own list of interests and reflections seem to get longer as fall creeps into the air in Northern Minnesota. It inspires me to take the opportunity to share some recent achievements and to shed some light on what to expect from us in near future as we prepare for a busy business time of year.

What’s new with Wintergreen

We are proud to announce our first new product launch of this kind in over 2 years! The Rimfrost Bike Jacket has been months in the making and has been an exercise in thinking bigger which has pushed our boundaries of production a bit. The process of identifying a key need and taking it all the way to market (Wintergreen style) was both a challenge and success story for our small team. In order to truly deliver a product we are proud of, we relied upon; key partnerships, past product knowledge, customer surveying, testing, sampling and straight up team work. The result is a biking jacket that is both stylish and functional in all weather, for all experience levels. We’re so excited about how this project has come together and we know you’ll love it too!

What’s coming

Speaking of activities, what do you like to do this time of year? I bet we have an icon for it…

One of the top results from surveying over 1,000 of our customers last year was the idea of improved navigation on our website and in our store. We also identified your favorite activities to create focused collections to get you outdoors celebrating nature and the ones you love.

As a result, we have worked hard to design an icon system that will help you navigate our products effectively and see how you can use our multi-functional pieces, like our in-store customer experience. We want you to find those critical long-term clothing items that will become your go-to's for the coming years.

How are we raising the bar

Because of our commitment to providing you with the best online experience, we are evaluating and implementing opportunities to improve the accessibility of our website. Making our website as accessible as possible to people with special needs, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments is an important step for our evolving and growing online presence.

We welcome your feedback and ideas. 

Make a list and get to it, the fall will make way to snow soon enough. Maybe I’ll see you out there on the lake or on the trail!

Jackson Harren - President

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