6 Tips for Staying Warm in The Winter

  1. Wear the right clothing. Use the list below to ensure you have the right gear. Avoid cotton.
  2. Stay well fed and hydrated throughout the day. Your body needs fuel and adequate water to function at it’s best. Expect to drink more water than your normal day to day life. The recommended amount is 3-4 liters in cold dry winter conditions, during high activity.  It is important to eat a diet high in fat and protein to stay warm.
  3. Stay dry. Dampness will wick away heat from your body.
  4. Stay active. Keep the body moving to generate heat and keep blood flowing. 
  5. Keep clothing loose. Tight fitting clothing will restrict blood and heat flow.
  6. Use the 3 W’s layering system. Don’t depend on one large layer to stay warm. 

Make sure you are adequately prepared for your next adventure with gear designed to take a beating. All of our products have been extensively tested in major arctic and arctic expeditions, from dozens of North Pole expeditions, North Pole marathons, mountaineering expeditions in Antarctica, dog sledding trips in Svalbard and Greenland, and winter camping trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Many of our products, such as the anorak, were specifically designed for expedition teams going to the North Pole.

See the following gear suggestions for both short term and extended Arctic adventures including:

  • Day and multi-day dog sledding adventures
  • Arctic dog sled and trips in Svalbard, the Arctic, Antarctica northern Canada, and Alaska
  • Winter camping snow shoe and ski adventures

Questions? Our retail staff are winter clothing experts and can help you find the right gear for your specific trip needs.

Call 1-(844)-359-6233. or email info@wintergreennorthernwear.com. 

Stay Warm With The 3 W's







The base layer (also called thermal wear or long underwear) helps keep you dry by wicking moisture away from your body. This next-to-skin layer, often made of wool or polyester, works best when snug fitting.

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 Like the batting in your house, this layer insulates you from the cold. Depending upon the weather and your activity, you may choose to wear one or more of these layers. Wool and polyester fleece work well for warmth.

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Your outer shell blocks wind, sheds rain or snow and holds body heat in your warmth layer while still allowing perspired moisture to escape. Breathable tight-weave synthetics like Supplex® nylon or long staple Ventile cotton work well.

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