We're looking for people who love Wintergreen and the outdoors who'd like to share their photos and receive a discount in exchange!

If interested, please send an email to sola@wintergreennorthernwear.com including photos as an example of your photography skills to review for clarity and lighting.

If accepted into the program, you will be expected to uphold the following guidelines to receive your discount.

Photo Submission Guidelines:

    1. Please send photos in batches of 10 or more along with a short caption describing each photo (Where it was taken, garment worn, etc). Upon review we will offer a 40% discount code off one item if 10 images are accepted. Images will not be used until 10 are accepted.
    2. Please obtain permission to use any of these photos on social media or for other marketing purposes before sending.
    3. Please include any tags or social media handles you might want to include in our posts.
    4. We're looking for quality images with good lighting and composition, featuring a variety of scene and activities to show the versatility of our garments. Activity ideas include hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, slacklining, dog walking, doing construction work, sailing, gardening, etc. Photos cannot be of the same person doing the same activity in different poses.
    5. Please share photos at the highest resolution possible. We want to be able to use them across marketing.
    6. Photos must include newer Wintergreen garments. 1 of 10 accepted photos may feature older Wintergreen garments.

Applicants may apply multiple times! We're always looking for more photos! If you've submitted photos to us before, please don't hesitate to do so again - we'd love to send another discount for your work!

Example Photos