Sustainability Goals

Sustainability Goals

Here at Wintergreen, while we design and make our clothing to last for generations, we make our decisions based on a few core values. One of these values is the governing principle guiding our path to becoming more and more sustainable:

Environment: We live the outdoor life and inspire others to live theirs, while preserving our natural world.

Manufacturing companies are faced with sustainability opportunities in many forms and Wintergreen is no different. We’re deeply committed to identifying and making company-wide changes toward further sustainability.

Supply Chain

A material supply chain that is transparent and ethical is not easily achieved, but it is our goal and we have made significant progress toward achieving it. We source & use our materials consciously by creating lifetime goods and producing our clothing domestically to minimize our impact. Looking at our content labels you’ll see that a good amount of our materials are also partially recycled. 

Our new Hygge Pullover colors are made from 100% Recycled Polyester Fleece!


The waste that our factory produces is not significant, but it can be further refined, separated and recycled. We are taking steps right now toward reducing our runs to the landfill by 50% and becoming 'plastic neutral'. Our recently established Sustainability Edition garments will also play a large role in this, using leftover or discontinued materials that may have otherwise gone to waste. 

Packaging & shipping

We’re currently working to implement recyclable or compostable packaging for shipping our staple products along with programs to offset carbon emissions on customer orders by 2024.

Wintergreen reuses & recycles shipping materials including boxes! 


From our energy-saving lighting and sewing machines to our partially recycled materials, we aim to make every decision we can to help sustain and positively impact our natural world and reduce natural resource consumption. We’re as committed to sustaining the environment as we are to making quality clothing - and getting people outdoors to enjoy it.

- Jackson and Gabriel Harren

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