Gear Review: Wintergreen's 100% Merino Wool Hannah Hoodie

Gear Review: Wintergreen's 100% Merino Wool Hannah Hoodie

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Wintergreen's Hannah Hoodie: Go-To Adventure Companion 

Wintergreen Ambassador Bevie LaBrie (@bevleena) scaling those rock walls!

Lindsey Marschka
Content editor, writer & outdoor enthusiast based in Ely, Minnesota.


Oh, the lonely life of baselayers.

Widely unappreciated and overlooked, these articles of clothing are just as important as your outerwear and footwear - if not more so. After all, this is what we wear against our skin. It matters. So does finding that perfect fit and comfort level for our most treasured outdoor activities.

Remember those days of the itchy wool sweaters that you could only wear with a shirt underneath? It may be tough to imagine a base layer that features only the softest, finest merino wool, sourced straight from the farms of New Zealand. So, I’ll help you out. It’s like...hugging a fluffy sheep, with a mountain-scape in the background, bike propped against a boulder, fully enveloped in softness and warmth. Maybe add a cool breeze and brew to that scenario, and you’ve got the full experience. Wintergreen’s Hannah hoodie will take you there. It is the ultimate lightweight layering piece:  whether you’re skiing, hiking, trail running, climbing or cycling.


With its natural moisture-wicking properties and industry-leading breathability, the Hannah hoodie is top-notch in unpredictable weather patterns. Sometimes, you’ll get poured on when you’re out in the middle of the lake, reeling in a walleye. The Hannah hoodie can get soaked and still insulate! Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool keeps you warm even once it’s drenched. So you can bike in the Hannah through that puddle or run to your heart’s content, without anticipation of those post-workout chills. You may be surprised at how fast it dries, too. The wool is lightweight and porous-- a winning combo for the fluctuating outdoors.

Wintergreen’s merino pullover has served me well, enough to win the title as my ‘go-to adventure buddy’ during short and long trips. Somehow, it keeps getting softer and more comfortable with every wear. And trust me, you can wear it many times without tossing it in the wash (or lake, for that matter). Because of the breathable, antimicrobial wool, it never develops odors like synthetic fabrics. I’ve thrown it on for my trail runs in the summer mornings, kept it on to protect from the sun and wind during my evening paddle, and then, worn it into town for work the next day (seriously!). When a piece of clothing can adapt with my unpredictable lifestyle and still make me look put-together, I’ll take it over all else.

Wintergreen Ambassador Bevie Labrie sporting the Hannah Hoodie on Washington Pass! (@bevleena)

As for the colder weather, the hoodie is a must. Its insulating qualities make it perfect for layering (remember that three W's rule?).  For those brisk evenings by the fire, you can cozy up under the form fitting hood. When the snow starts to fall, venture outside scarf-less (I dare you!), as the soft wool protects the neck and ears from the elements. Throw an Anorak over it, and you’re good to go for all seasons.

The best part about the hoodie, by far, is the fit. I’ve tested them all, from Patagonia to Icebreaker, and found that the sleeves are always either too long, or the torso too short. The Hannah has a tasteful fit well-suited for any activity, with its desirable arm length and longer back, ensuring a non-boxy fit and just enough coverage. You can wear it over leggings, shorts or jeans without worrying about it riding up. The princess stitching patterns are flattering to all figures and curve with your body, offering a slimming effect that moves with you.

Try it for yourself! Next time you head outdoors and want to reach for your cotton t-shirt or synthetic long sleeve, consider switching to top-notch merino wool  in Wintergreen’s Hannah hoodie. You’ll never underestimate a base layer again. It truly is the outdoor lover’s trifecta: stylish, versatile & comfortable. Your bod will thank you on that next long adventure!

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marlys Bedlington

marlys Bedlington

I wore my rain jacket today and got wet! Am I supposed to apply the wax on the coal myself? I thought that was if I needed more….?

I wore my rain jacket today and got wet! Am I supposed to apply the wax on the coal myself? I thought that was if I needed more….?

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