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Jeremy Kershaw

January 02, 2020

Jeremy Kershaw


Wintergreen Northern Wear and Dogsled Lodge played a large role in helping me become someone that loves living outdoors in Northern Minnesota.

Today, I am happy to call Duluth, MN home. I am a 5 time finisher of the Arrowhead 135 (2 by bike, 2 by run, and 1 by ski) attempting my 6th finish in 2020. I have completed the Tour Divide in 22 days in 2017 and countless other gravel cycling events in the Midwest. I am the creator of Heck of the North Productions, gravel cycling and bikepacking races on the North Shore.

I am the proud father of two girls and partner to one amazing person who shares many of my passions for outdoor living. I am a mental health RN and love to share the power of being active outdoors for promoting both physical and mental health.

- Jeremy Kershaw