Gear Review: Boundary Waters Shell Pants with Fly

May 01, 2018

Wintergreen Northern Wear’s Boundary Waters Shell Pants are multi-purpose pants constructed from DWR-treated, 3-ply Supplex®, with double-layered fabric on the seat and knees, a web belt, and elastic on the leg bottom with Velcro tab. They also feature a zippered fly, and cargo pockets with a special top flap to keep items from falling out during activities. These pants are useful year-round due to the quick-drying, lightweight, durable fabric.

Boundary Waters Shell Pants Mens

The double-layered fabric on the seat and knees increases the durability of the pants, provides extra wind protection in cold weather, and is also extremely helpful for activities in abrasive or poky environments, such as scrambling over lava beds, walking on barnacle-covered beaches, or hiking through cactus. In addition, the double-thick Supplex is relatively bug-proof, so these pants combined with a bug shirt and some sturdy boots make the wearer a walking fortress against mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, and other flying blood-suckers.

The double-layered knees and seat do slightly lengthen the drying time. Although they still dry quickly, a lighter weight, less durable fabric would dry faster.

Boundary Waters Shell Pants Mens Back

These pants are roomy enough to fit on top of multiple layers, another feature which makes them suitable as all-season apparel. When properly sized, it’s possible to wear a thick base layer and a mid-layer underneath without restricting movement. Compared to insulated bibs or ski pants, the Shell Pants are more suitable for multi-day winter trips because they’re more breathable and make it easier to move around. In addition, the ability to layer makes the Shell Pants perfect for expeditions that might feature a wide range of conditions and temperatures, such as spring or autumn camping trips. 

Another great feature of the Shell Pants is that they’re extremely durable. For those who find themselves regularly replacing worn-out gear due to heavy use, you’ll be delighted to discover that these usually last longer than similar pants available from other brands. In addition, being able to wash and dry Supplex at high temperatures makes the pants easy to clean after any particularly messy activities such as wading through a swamp.

For those who need a tough, versatile pant for a wide variety of rugged adventures, Wintergreen’s Boundary Waters Shell Pants are uniquely designed to function well for use in any season.


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