Trail Running and Hiking

Trail Running and Hiking

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ActiveEly is a resource for all outdoor activities within 2 hours of the Ely, MN area.

Our posts offer detailed information about: what to do, how to get there, a general description with advice, and where to get gear.

ActiveEly is open to all residents, visitors, businesses, and friends of Ely, MN. Our intention is to present a complete picture of all outdoor activities within the Ely area.

Questions, comments, and advice in the comment sections are welcome!


Help Wanted

Help us build the active outdoor community in Ely, MN! Interested in sharing your knowledge? Please fill out this form.

Local experts wanted to share detailed information about:

  • activities
  • location
  • description
  • highlights
  • maps
  • images
  • where to buy/rent gear

Email for questions.

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