Old Dog Cora

Christmas is coming, and it’s time for the family to head into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree. Cora , a Newfoundland dog, is ready to wear her old red harness so she can haul the tree home as she’s done every year. But Mom and Dad think Cora ’s too old, and only Minx and Ebony, Cora ’s daughter and granddaughter, are fitted with their harnesses. Luckily, young Susan suggests Cora still come along even if she can’t haul. After the family finds the tree and cuts it down, Cora is ready to get to work. But something’s wrong; they’re starting without her! Cora doesn’t understand, but she’s determined to take the lead and bring the tree home.

Author and Illustrator: Consie Powell

Consie Powell is an illustrator, visual storyteller, and writer from Ely, MN.