Frog In The House


What child hasn't longed to bring a wild creature into the family home and keep it as a pet? This book helps children understand why that's not a good idea. The story tells of a treefrog living happily in the plants on a family's porch. Told from the frog's perspective, it portrays his discomfort when he is mistakenly brought inside in the fall. In the happy ending, the frog is returned to the outdoors where he can hibernate, and the child in the family is looking forward to listening for the frog's song in the spring. Charming illustrations contrast the frog's natural habitat with his indoor plight, creating empathy with the frog. A science page at the end explains the life cycle of amphibians and contains some little-know facts about treefrogs.

Author:David Mather, Illustrator:Stephanie Mirocha

ISBN: 978-0981930794

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