"Our mission is to design and make quality outdoor clothing inspired by Minnesota's Boundary Waters and other wild places. We strive to build community by relying on local labor, paying livable wages and giving generously."


Support Small Town America-Ely, MN

Since 1987, Wintergreen has quietly nurtured the trend to "bring it home" -- 
to return the design and crafting of apparel from overseas factories to main street America.  Our shop is front and center in downtown Ely, famous as Minnesota's 'end of the road' northern border town. 

We stand proudly with the groundswell of small manufacturing businesses nationwide that are successfully revitalizing small-town America. We seek to build community by relying on local talent, paying living wages, and giving generously to the community. “Bring it home” also extends to our source materials: all of our fleece fabric is US-made.

Adventure Tested Performance

Wintergreen's roots lay in crafting clothing to meet the demands of our adventure pursuits, which have taken us to both ends of earth --the Arctic & Antarctic-- and many remote places in between. But the center of our universe is the Boundary Waters, the vast pristine lake-land forest that straddles the Minnesota-Ontario border. This, the world’s premiere canoe country and America’s “dogsledding capital,” is where we live, work and play. It is the inspiration for our designs and our year-round test lab.

Focus On Quality

Regardless of where your outdoor interests lie, you’ll find that Wintergreen Northern Wear will deliver exactly what we promise: quality, distinction, performance, and "Made in USA" pride.  Walk the talk with Wintergreen by wearing garments that are built to last and reflect commitment to core values and community.

Utilize Local Talent

Wintergreen Northern Wear relies entirely upon local talent. Our Wintergreen team is now over two dozen people strong and includes the founding family: Sue, Paul, Bria, Peter, & Berit Schurke. We value an engaging workplace to collaboratively craft the best possible garments.

Our passion for our product reflects our passion for our adventurous and beautiful Northwoods region and the renowned border town of Ely that we call home.



We know what works. The outdoors is our way of life. We design, sew and sell our gear in Minnesota’s northern border wilderness. We began in 1985 by designing gear for our first expedition to the North Pole. Since then, we’ve explored just about every cold place on the planet, from Greenland to the Russian Arctic – all with our own gear. Serious field-testing.


We make it ourselves, we sell it ourselves. Nothing is made overseas or sold to other retailers. Rolls of fabric come in the back of our shop and finished garments go out the front. We monitor quality every step of the way.


We make our clothing with the best quality materials available. All fabrics are not created equal. As a result of our thorough testing we use only cutting-edge fabrics that perform as expected. No cheap imitations. Made in the USA. Buying cheap gear that survives only a few uses just serves to sustain a throw-away society dependent upon imported goods made by under-paid laborers. Wintergreen Northern Wear is built to last a lifetime by American workers earning sustainable wages. “Made in the USA” is more than just a label. It proudly reflects your support of quality products that support American families.


Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Awards-Start-Up Entrepreneur
Susan Schurke




★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Love everything the Schurkes are about! I used to work for the store in town and loved working with all the folks there. Genuine people for sure. I love running into people all around that sport the Ely originals, cause then I get to talk about Ely hahaha, and how you just don't see this sort of real quality anymore. Glad to see there are still the same folks back at it doing what soooo many people LOVE! The following you have Sue for what you do is so strong and we are all here to stay! Way to represent some small town business and the Ely Community."
Ashley Gramlich
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Quality merchandise that is made in Ely. I have had my jacket for at least 12 years and plan on wearing it forever. I have purchased children's jackets that have been worn and handed down to siblings and cousins and still look great (actually, pretty darn adorable). Everything that I have bought is of the highest quality. "
Pam Ivonen Zbacnik
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I grew up wearing the coats this company made, and I am so happy they have opened again! The clothing is the finest quality and I have never been cold wearing their coats, mittens, and hats. I just purchased a pair of mittens and an ear toaster and honestly I can say I feel prepared for winter here in Minnesota-- even excited for it! I reccomend their products to anyone who wants to stay warm in harsh winters!"
Kailee Kriegel