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Wintergreen Northern Wear is Back!

Family_Photo_2014.JPGAfter a 6-year hiatus, Susan and Paul Schurke are back at the helm of the Made-In-Ely clothing company they created nearly 30 years ago. They sold Wintergreen in 2009. When the new owners closed it in 2013, the Schurkes purchased some of the equipment and inventory.  In 2014, they bought the building back.  Then in September 2015, much to their delight, they were able to retrieve the trademark and patterns.  Wintergreen is now reborn and ready to outfit the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts with the distinctive active-wear for which it has been famous since 1989.

Why Buy Wintergreen Northern Wear?

Quality Design We know what works. The outdoors is our way of life. We design, sew and sell our gear in Minnesota’s northern border wilderness. We began in 1985 by designing gear for our first expedition to the North Pole. Since then, we’ve explored just about every cold place on the planet, from Greenland to the Russian Arctic – all with our own gear. Serious field-testing.

Quality Construction We make it ourselves, we sell it ourselves. Nothing is made overseas or sold to other retailers. Rolls of fabric come in the back of our shop and finished garments go out the front. We monitor quality every step of the way.

Quality Fabrics We make our clothing with the best quality materials available. All fabrics are not created equal. As a result of our thorough testing we use only cutting-edge fabrics that perform as expected.  No cheap imitations.

Made in the USA. Buying cheap gear that survives only a few uses just serves to sustain a throw-away society dependent upon imported goods made by under-paid laborers. Wintergreen Northern Wear is built to last a lifetime by American workers earning sustainable wages.  “Made in the USA” is more than just a label.  It proudly reflects your support of quality products that support American families.

Being Green. We monitor our waste and refrain from sending out seasonal catalogs.  One per year is the most we’ve ever offered and this year we’re relying on our website.  Would you like us to issue a catalog next year or is the website sufficient?  We value your feedback.