Wintergreen Northern Wear

susan.jpgFollowing a 5-year break, Susan & Paul Schurke are making quality outdoor gear again in Ely, MN, under our original name "Wintergreen Northern Wear". We have assembled our talented team to design, cut & sew anoraks, shell pants, mittens, hats & other great products, much like we did when we founded our first "Made in Ely" apparel company 30 years ago. We also continue to operate our other Ely-based business, Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge.

“When can I order my new anorak?”

Now! We will have soon have a new Ely retail store, website order form and catalog.  In the meantime, we are making beautiful garments every day. If you're familiar with our "Made In Ely" products, these are currently available to order:  

Shell Anoraks (full & partial zip in Red, Royal Blue, Burnt Orange, Loden, Amethyst, Black, White)
Fleece Anoraks (Red, Royal Blue, Loden, Amethyst, Black, Cream)

Shell & Fleece Pants (Black)
Plunge Mitts & Expedition Hats (Shell & Fleece)

      Looking for something else?  Just ask us!

Please contact us:  218-365-6602 or sign up for our email newsletter so we can alert you when our new store, website and catalog are available.