Wintergreen Northern Wear has been re-launched by the original owners....


Our Mission

Our clothing is inspired by the rugged beauty of our location on the Minnesota-Ontario border along the Boundary Waters, the world’s most popular & beloved protected wilderness.  We create clothing that is as durable and distinctive as the place we live. Our mission is quality:
  • QUALITY DESIGN: We perfect our apparel’s performance through serious field testing.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION:  We create each garment ourselves and monitor every step.
  • QUALITY FABRICS:  We rely upon the very best quality materials, no cheap imitations.
  • QUALITY OF LIFE:  We create community by hiring locally and providing living wages.

Our Namesake

Wintergreen_plant4.jpgThe Wintergreen plant, is a hardy little boreal shrub. It thrives year round, but especially in winter – just like our clothing line and our adventure business:

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge.

Try Wintergreen Dogsledding!

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205 East Sheridan Street
Ely, Minnesota 55731

Toll Free: 1 (844) 359-6233 (ELY MADE)
Local: (218) 365-6602